The steering aligner for all workshops

FCAR FD505S, suspended steering aligner with an innovative design and easy installation. Equipped with the latest technology, it allows easy alignment and, thanks to its 5 high-precision cameras, reliable measurements of each target can be obtained. In just two minutes make the test report.


Our steering aligner FD505S

Effective Aligner

Fast, simple and accurate measurement.

Trajectory deviation

Traction, suspension or handling problem.

Tire Wear

Prevention of irregular or asymmetric tire wear.

Check after collision

Repair after suffering an accident with the vehicle.

Advantages of the FD505S technology

  • mockup-tableta-fd305-2
  • mockup-tableta-fd305-3
  • mockup-tableta-fd305-1
  • Compensation of warping

  • 3D technology

  • 5 high precision cameras

  • Values of angles of fall and convergence

  • Intuitive software for easy alignment

  • Measurement of advance and exit

Lifts compatible with the FCAR FD505S steering aligner


lift-with-two-columns-without-base-with-central-crosspiece compatible with steering alignment fcar fd505s

2 Posts Lifts
(without base)



We show you images of the FD505S steering aligner.

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