FCAR FD505 mobile wheel aligner

The future is here

The FCAR 5D four wheel alignment system, equipped with 5 cameras, accurately measures geometry steering angle of the vehicle: convergence, fall -both front and rear-, advance, kingpin tilt, exit and thrust.


Our FD505 mobile wheel aligner


Alignment test in 8 minutes without need for calibration.


Small size ideal for transport, easy to adapt.


Double camera: avoids manual tracking of vehicle height.


Compatible with all types of elevators, great versatility.

Extra Features

Compensation of warping, values of angles of fall and convergence, measurement of advance and exit, etc.

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Discover everything the FD505 Aligner can do for you

Lifts compatible with FCAR FD505 mobile wheel aligner

Four-post lift compatible with portable steering wheel aligner fcar fd505

4 Posts Lift

Our FCAR FD505 mobile wheel aligner is fully compatible with all types of lift. It is compatible with four-post lift, two-post lift, long scissor lift and short scissor lift. Compatible with all types of pantographs, whether they are 4-column, two-column, long scissors or short scissors. Our pantograph lifters are perfect for optimal vehicle alignment, thus adjusting the geometric configuration, the steering mechanism and the suspension elements. Our mobile wheel aligner compatible lifts are ideal for the auto mechanic shop.

Wheel alignment

It can be operated from the front or rear of the vehicle. Includes rectangular or trapezoidal targets.

The claws of the targets, range from 10 "to 24" inches in the size of the rims.

Swipe the center icon to the right or left.


Request information

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