FCAR FD505 3D wheel aligner

Innovation, speed, precision

FCAR FD305, provides the workshop professional with a simple, fast and intuitive tool to expand and complete actions on steering, suspension and tires.


Our FD305 Wheel Aligner

Efficient Aligner

Quick, efficient, simple and accurate taking of measurements.

Vehicle deviation

Correction of the deviation of the vehicle line.

Tire Wear

Prevention of uneven or asymmetric tire wear.

Steering Wheel Centering

Steering regulation and steering wheel centering.

Advantages of the FD305 technology

  • mockup-tableta-fd305-2
  • mockup-tableta-fd305-3
  • mockup-tableta-fd305-1

Compensation of warping, values of angles of fall and convergence, measurement of advance and exit, etc.

  • Without central crossbar

  • High precision camera

  • Tablet Android HD 10.5 ”rugged and with support

  • Adjustable column height up to 2m

  • Easy to install

  • Professional 3D software of own development

Ideal for working and operating with the FCAR FD305 wheel aligner

It is compatible with four-post lift, long scissor lift and pit. Compatible with all types of pantographs, whether it are four- posts, large scissors or pit. Our pantograph lifters are perfect for optimal vehicle wheel alignment, thus adjusting the geometric configuration, the steering mechanism and the suspension elements. Our 3D wheel aligner compatible lifts are ideal for the auto mechanic shop.


We show you images of the FD305 wheel aligner.

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