Charging Air Conditioning and Gas Recovery AC-100

Love is in the air

Dual System Refrigerant Refill & Recovery Machine.

Compatible with both R134 and 1234YF refrigerant replacement.


Our refrigerant gas charging and recovery station is used to:

Private cars

Commercial vehicles





Diesel engines IV


This is our air conditioning charging station:

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Multipurpose machine.

It contains a single screen to display data for both R134 and R1234YF refrigerant gases:

Independent replacement pipes.
Recovery tank.
Electronic scale.

Technical parameters

Get to know the technical details of our refrigerant gas charging/recovery station:

Especificaciones técnicas
  • Power supply: AC220.
  • Ambient temperature: 0º C a +40º C.
  • Relative humidity: 85 %.
  • Compressor power: 260 W.
  • Vacuum pump pumping speed: 60 L/min.
  • Refrigerant electronic weighing range: 60 Kg.
  • Refrigeration oil electronic weighing accuracy: +- 10 g.
  • Recovery speed: 150 g/min.
  • Filling speed: 800 g/min.
  • Working tank volume: 12 L (x2).
  • External hose: 2 m.

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