Automatic Transmission Fluid Changer FCAR AT030

New fluid, new life

AT-030 automatic ATF changer cleans and changes the fluid in the gearbox, solves the problem of incomplete replacement when manually changing the transmission oil.

Equipped with high-precision electronic flow meter, it can identify the inlet and outlet direction of oil automatically.


Our automatic transmission fluid changer is used to:


This is our automatic ATF station AT-030:

Fully automatic identification of oil inlet and outlet direction.

High-precision electronic flowmeter detection.

Fully automated replacement of new and old oil.

Automatic transmission cycle cleaning.

Automatic filling.

Visual display of transmission radiator oil pressure.

The latest "standard oil quantity of each model" database.

Regular maintenance.

New and old oil temperature display.

Electronic scale one-key clear.

Technical parameters

Know the technical details of our changer:

Especificaciones técnicas
  • Ambient temperature: -10ºC a 40ºC.
  • Relative humidity: <85 %.
  • Voltage: DC12V.
  • Maximum power: 150 W.
  • Oil pipe: 2.5 meters.
  • Oil return pipe: 2.5 meters.
  • Oil drainpipe: 1.5 meters.
  • 2 tanks of 20 liters.
  • Languages: Spanish, English, German y Chinese.
  • Net weight: 58 Kg.
  • Size: 65x57x116 cm

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